Happy rainy Tuesday in Chicago.  Its January, its 65 and its raining.  I am a dog, and I know somethin ain't right about that in January in Chicago!

Let me tell you about another of my favorite things. Coconut Oil.  See, I am a Blue Doberman and I have really bad skin and I am also kinda bald.  Coconut oil is really good for my itchy, dry skin.  Mom feeds me about a table spoon per day to try and keep my skin itch free.  Sometimes it really works, but right now I am a little more itchy (winter).

Mom wants me to tell you, you must start slow with the coconut oil and build up to a tablespoon (less for smaller dogs).  If you start at a full tablespoon it might make for a bad tummy.  And, Trader Joes has the organic, virgin coconut oil for around $5.99 per jar and thats a great price. 

Mom says its also great for human hair or skin. 

Thats all for today. 
Stoney Blue

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