Today we had puppy pizza for dinner (plus our dog food).

Puppy Pizza is one of our favorites.

To make: buy a store made pizza crust (we use Target thin crust) a tiny bit of pizza sauce and cheese.  Bake for 10 minutes, let cool, slice and serve.

We love it!

Stoney Blue

Happy rainy Tuesday in Chicago.  Its January, its 65 and its raining.  I am a dog, and I know somethin ain't right about that in January in Chicago!

Let me tell you about another of my favorite things. Coconut Oil.  See, I am a Blue Doberman and I have really bad skin and I am also kinda bald.  Coconut oil is really good for my itchy, dry skin.  Mom feeds me about a table spoon per day to try and keep my skin itch free.  Sometimes it really works, but right now I am a little more itchy (winter).

Mom wants me to tell you, you must start slow with the coconut oil and build up to a tablespoon (less for smaller dogs).  If you start at a full tablespoon it might make for a bad tummy.  And, Trader Joes has the organic, virgin coconut oil for around $5.99 per jar and thats a great price. 

Mom says its also great for human hair or skin. 

Thats all for today. 
Stoney Blue
We are stuck in the house tonight due to an ice storm in Chicago! 

We tried our Paw Protectors today on our walk.  They worked well and we got use to them quickly.  Mom has some funny video on her cell if she can ever figure out how to upload it.

Stoney Blue
We have tried many kids of food over the years.  I seem to like them all.  My favorite is the kind off the kitchen table, but I do also eat the stuff in my bowl.

Our current favorite food is Fromm Beef Frittata Veg.  See I have the itchys so mom has been trying to give us grain free food and Fromm has lots of yummy flavors. 

We also like the Pork Chop and Apple Sauce flavor but that one has grains and some times it makes me more itchy (mostly in winter). 

According to mom we should read the ingredients and the first few should be meat not corn or rice. 
Mom thinks for the price Fromm has really good ingredients and its made in Wisconson which is the next state over from us.  So we are buying local and trying to reducing our carbon foot print!  (Pinky and I are environmental doggies).

We are currently also eating Northwest Naturals Turkey as a suplement to our dry food.  Our vet says this will help my skin stop itching.  Northwest Naturals is a raw frozen food.  It comes in little cubes and you leave them out for about 1 hour - then they are ready to eat.  We really like the Northwest Naturals it tasts like what comes off the kitchen table (only cold).  And if you read the ingredients its Turkey, Turkey bone, Turkey heart, Turkey liver and veggies and vitamins.  Northwest Naturals is also made in the USA!  Its a little more expensive to feed 2 big pups, but since we only get 10 or 15 cubes per meal one bag lasts over a week. 

I'll keep you posted on how all this good food helps my itchy skin.

Stoney Blue

Good morning.  Our first blog post.  We like t